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Our hotel has PERSONALITY

282 rooms and suites, 17 meeting rooms… At the gates of Old Quebec.

Our guest rooms have CHARACTER

Practical and unabashedly urban…
Here is the new Ultra concept

Our meeting rooms have STYLE

Modular, chic, and sophisticated…
Here is the Plaines ballroom

Our events have CLASS

Personalized menus and creative, gourmet cuisine
Here is George V, Quebec’s premier event caterer

  • Institut Payot

    Institut Payot's exclusive pre-arrival offer

    However long your stay is, every minute counts. Pamper yourself with this pre-arrival offer by Institut Payot. Learn more

  • Institut Payot

    INSTITUT PAYOT / The 42-movement massage

    Professional know-how for a legendary signature
    Developed by Dr Nadia Payot, this unique massage is inspired by the field of dance. Designed as choreography, it contains precise and technical gestures that are both harmonious and rhythmic.
    Further still, it truly provides therapeutic benefits. Learn more

  • Institut Payot

    INSTITUT PAYOT / A women's history

    The first female doctor of her generation in 1913, Nadia Payot was a generous woman who asserted her desire very early on to put her knowledge and medical expertise to work for women's beauty. Through observing star dancer Anna Pavlova, Nadia Payot introduced her customers to facial exercise with active and preventive treatment. In 1950, this technique led to the 42-movement technique, a massage in the form of passive exercise with the objective of making muscles reactive, flexible, and elastic. Learn more

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